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By using the web page and the services provided by Liquid Spirit (hereinafter referred to as the Provider) the Visitor/User (which term includes both legal and natural entities) hereby understands, agrees and accepts that all the web pages and/or services available are provided “as is” and the Provider takes no responsibility regarding the period of existence, deletion, corrupted data, failure and/or inability to store any part and/or all of the available data and/or any of the data submitted by the User and/or any content of personalized pages and/or services. The User hereby accepts responsibility for use of the services provided by the Provider, usage of which may entail payment of fees to the Provider and/or to third parties (i.e. internet providers). It is the sole responsibility of the User to effect payment of any such above mention fees where applicable. Furthermore the Provider accepts no responsibility regarding any damage and/or failure and/or malfunction of the hardware and/or software the User shall use in accessing the pages and services provided by the Provider.

Under Age Users

Any and all under age Users who access the web site, web pages and/or services provided by the Provider are hereby prohibited from using and or observing services and/or content which may be deemed not suitable for minors and cannot be controlled by the Provider. Where content and/or services other than the above may be deemed unsuitable for minors, the Provider has added a warning for such content and/or services. Notwithstanding the above mentioned where minors and/or underage Users despite of the present terms and despite the warnings, choose to access such content and/or services, the Provider takes no responsibility.

User Conduct

Considering that the Provider allows and/or provides the Users with the means and/or technology for uploading and/or displaying of content including but not limited to personal information, pictures, audio files, video files, text, graphics, messages and generally any other form of information and/or data the Users hereby agree that all such above mentioned information and/or data as well as any other such information and/or data not listed herein above shall remain in the exclusive responsibility of the User and/or Users responsible for the uploading and/or display of the such information and/or data whether uploaded and/or displayed through public and/or private means. Due to the amount of data involved the Provider is not in the position to monitor all of the above mentioned information and/or data and therefore it is hereby accepted that it shall remain in the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User and/or Users involved and it is furthermore declared and accepted that the User will refrain from uploading and/or displaying in any way (including links to external content) which may offend any other existing or future Users of the pages and/or services of the Provider including but not limited to demeaning references to religion, sex, race and/or any other references that may be deemed demeaning and or provocative to any existing or future User. The Provider maintains the right to delete and/or make unavailable and/or edit such demeaning content they may discover from time to time and they also maintain the right to discontinue and/or delete and/or make unavailable any information and or access the offending User may have and/or to delete such a User’s account for a period of time or permanently and or to ban such a User for a certain period of time and/or permanently.

The gathering in any way and/or by any means of the personal data and/or information of any User by anyone other than the provider is strictly prohibited.

It is hereby agreed by the Users that they shall refrain to use the web pages and/or services the Provider gives them access to, for the following:

  1. Displaying, publishing, sending, receiving, installing content that is illegal, damaging, threatening, offensive, defamatory, violent, demeaning, racist and/or in any other way found unacceptable and/or frowned upon and/or content which infringes on any copyrights or personal data and/or contains computer viruses, Trojans and/or any other forms of such programs and/or generally any conduct which constitutes a criminal offence in the territory of the Provider and/or of the User.
  2. The causing of physical, psychological and/or in any other way damage to any minor and/or under the legal age User.
  3. The display of false or misleading information, the false representation of any natural or legal entity and/or any misleading information and/or data regarding the relationship of the User with any natural and/or legal entity including but not limited to the Provider.
  4. Amendment and/or alteration to any information regarding other Users and/or their tag signs and/or any other way of identification of each User and additionally any amendment and/or alteration of the content provided by the Provider which is not offered to the Users for amendment and/or alteration by the Users.
  5. Affecting and/or preventing the services provided by third parties to the Provider (i.e. Server providers, networks etc) or breach of the terms and/or conditions of use of the services of the third parties involved with the Provider in any way.
  6. Breach willingly and/or unwillingly of any local, national, European, international or other legislation and/or regulation and/or rule that has legislative power and is in any way connected to the services provided  by the Provider.

The User accepts that the Provider does not conduct any preliminary checks of the information and/or content provided and managed by the Users but nonetheless the Provider maintains the right (but not the obligation) of the exclusive decision in regards to publishing and/or displaying and/or moving and/or deletion of any possible information and/or data included in the web pages and/or services of the Provider whether or not such information or data has been submitted by the Provider or the User and/or Users. This right extends to any and all information and/or data that is in breach with the present terms and conditions of use of the web pages and/or services of the Provider.



The User accepts that the Provider may from time to time use any and all available space on any of the existing or future web pages of the Provider for the purpose of advertisements. Such advertisements may be displayed and may contain information, data, text, pictures, sounds, and/or videos and may be displayed in the any electronic or other form including but not limited to banners, pop-ups, animations and/or any other possible form.
The Provider hereby accepts and agrees that they will not provide the personal information of the User and/or Users of the web pages and/or services provided to any third party for any reason without the prior consent of each individual user for any reason including but not limited to advertising and/or promotional reasons. Additionally the Provider also hereby clarifies that any personal information the User chooses to display in any public page and/or area of the web site of the Provider and/or in any area of the Provider’s web pages and/or services remains in the responsibility of the User and furthermore such information may be accessible to the general public and therefore the Provider has no responsibility for any gathering of such publicly displayed information from any third party whether a legal or natural entity and/or any consequential relationship that may arise between such a third party and the User.


The User accepts to bear and/or reimburse the Provider, any and all expenses arising from any and all disputes that may occur between the Provider and any third party, either legal or natural entity in regards to any and all information and/or data that the User may upload and/or display and/or make public in any way through usage of the web pages and/or services of the Provider.


TheUseracceptsandunderstandsthattheProvidermaintainstheabsoluteandexclusiverighttodiscontinue, delete, terminate or other wised is allow the use of the services and/or the web pages of the Provider and/or delete or discontinue the account name and password of the User who in the Providers opinion has been found and/or is believed to have and/or continue to be in breach of the present terms and/or conditions.


TheProviderherebydeclaresthattheyuseand/ormayusecookiesfortherecognition of a User on all or any part of the web pages and/or services provided by the Provider. It is further more declared by the Provider that the cookies shall be used by the Provider solely for ease of use of certain services and for statistical and/or management and/or marketing purposes.


The Provider hereby declares that except where explicitly written, al the content of the Provider’s web pages and/or services including but not limited to information, data, videos, pictures, banners, text, advertisements, logos, trademarks and , all provided services and electronic files in any form consist the intellectual property and/or trademarks and/or insignia of the Provider and/or any related party and are consequently protected by the relevant laws and/or legislation and/or regulations of the local jurisdiction and/or that of the European Union and/or any relevant international treaty and therefore part and/or all of them may not be sold and/or reproduced and/or copied and/or uploaded and/or displayed publicly or otherwise  without the prior written consent of the Provider and/or the owner. Furthermore the User accepts and declares that they shall not have the right to reproduce and/or display publicly and/or commercially exploit part or all of the content of the Provider’s web pages and/or services.


The Provider hereby declares and informs the Users that under no circumstances shall the Provider be held accountable for any damage that may occur to the User from the use of the web pages and/or services provided by the Provider including but not limited to any and all instances of negligence. It is hereby accepted by the User that they shall use the web pages and/or services of the Provider solely and exclusively at their own risk. The Provider furthermore declares that the content is provided “as is” without any guarantees either stated or implied and additionally declares that under no circumstances does the Provider guarantee the free and uninterrupted usage of the content, web pages and/or services provided. Furthermore the Provider declares and the User accepts that they may be errors and/or mistakes within the provided content at any point and the Provider does not give any guarantees that these errors and/or mistakes shall be rectified.

As regards to the services provided by the Provider, including but not limited to any and all given predictions (whether provided free of charge and/or with a fee)the Provider under no circumstances guarantees the correctness and/or completeness of the provided services and/or web pages and additionally result thereof. The Provider additionally bears no responsibility in connection to any services, information and/or predictions given by any third party that may at any given time be displayed and/or advertised within the content and/or web pages and/or services of the Provider.

Waiver of Liability for the Content

Thecontentand/ordataand/orinformationcontainedinthewebpagesand/orservicesoftheProviderareoffered to the User and/or the web community and should not under any circumstances be deemed as valid and/or complete information and/or consultation and/or advise and should under no circumstances be deemed to contain any urging and/or contain any hidden or obvious influence. The Provider maintains the responsibility of gathering, processing and/or distribution of the data, information and or services provided without maintaining any responsibility towards the completeness, correctness and/or competence of the said content and/or the existence of errors, mistakes or omissions. The User hereby declares and accepts that they shall use all provided web pages, services, data and/or information by their own initiative and hereby bear the responsibility to crosscheck the information and/or data provided.


The Provider does not check the availability, protection policy for personal information,  the quality and content of the web pages and/or services of any other web site and/or provider to which it may link to at any given time by the provision and/or display of hyperlinks and/or banners and/or any other means of linking to sites and/or services other than those
provided by the Provider. Furthermore the Provider hereby declares that they do not adopt and/or condone in any way any part and/or all of the content and/or services provided by any legal and/or natural entity which links to and/or may link to any time.


The Provider hereby declares and informs the Users that it shall follow and conform with any and all laws, rules and/or regulations with regards to e-commerce and/or trade from a distance and/or any other relevant and/or applicable laws, rules and/or regulations. Specifically the Provider shall inform the Users in connection to the provided services, regarding: (1) the essential characteristics of the product/service, (2) the price of the product/service, (3) quantity and cost of delivery/shipping, (4) any applicable V.A.T. and/or other local taxation, duties or fees (5) the payment method (6) the mode of delivery and/or execution (7) the period of validity of the offer and/or the price and (8) the right of revocation and/or cancellation. The Provider may evaluate and/or process and/or manipulate the data and/or information gathered during the purchase and/or provision of the services in order to take note of the buying and/or service preferences of the Users so as to provide further offers and/or services unless the User of such services explicitly asks not to be included in the provision and/or offer of further services.



The credit card used by the User (where applicable) shall be billed once per specific transaction unless the User has chosen (where applicable) the automatic billing choice for any subscription and/or renewal of such. The Provider is in no way responsible and/or liable for the methods, terms and conditions and generally any policies of the financial institute and/or banks and/or other monetary organization that the User may require to use and/or apply to in order to facilitate any payment.


The Provider hereby maintains the right to adopt any additional, amended and/or altered terms and conditions to the use of the provided web pages and services and furthermore the Provider hereby declares that such adoption may lead to the addition, alteration and/or amendment of the provided services and/or the provided content, including but not limited to the period of offer of services, the duration of retaining e-mails, posts on forums, user info and/or data and/or any other information and/or data that may be displayed by the User in general. Furthermore the Provider hereby declares and the User hereby accept that the Provider will have the right to discontinue any accounts that remain dormant for a period of 6 months or more.




The Provider hereby declares and accepts that they will not trade, sell, lease or in any way commercially exploit the personal information provided by the User (other than for a requested service by the User if necessary) and furthermore not to make public in any way such personal information to any third parties (whether legal or natural entities) without the explicit written consent of the User.

The Provider hereby informs the Users that they may provide personal information to third parties only under the following conditions:(a) with the prior written consent of the User (b) such provision is deemed necessary for the completion of a requested service and/or order (c) the Provider is compelled to do so due to any legislation (local and/or international), court order and/or other regulation and in such a case only to the relevant authority.


TheProviderherebyinformstheUserthattheUser’sI.P.Addressmaybenoted and retained for technical reasons and/or statistical reasons solely.


All the above terms and conditions both specifically and as a whole are binding and essential and must be accepted by the User as a prerequisite to the use of the web pages and/or services of the Provider. Should the present terms and conditions be amended and/or altered and/or replaced in any way the Provider shall inform the User of such replacement, alteration and/or amendment and shall provide the User with the new terms and conditions which will be subject to the Users acceptance as a prerequisite for the continuation of use of the Provider’s services.

These present terms and conditions and any alteration, amendment and/or replacement are governed by Cyprus law and the laws, rules, regulations and/or directives of the European Union as well as any international treaties that exist from time to time. Shouldanyoftheabovetermsandconditionsbedeemedillegalitshallautomaticallyceasetoexist and be automatically removed from the present terms and conditions. Should any User disagree with the presented terms and conditions they should not proceed with using the Providers web pages and/or services and should cease to do so if the User is already using such web pages and/or services. 


  1. All goods and services of the company LIQUID SPIRIT based on online orders over the Internet or other online services are subject to these terms and conditions. Differing and / or supplementary agreements require the express written consent of LIQUID SPIRIT, which also applies for a waiver of the written form requirement.
  2. LIQUID SPIRIT will comply promptly as possible agreed or specified delivery times. If these are exceeded by more than six weeks, the customer is entitled to a grace period is set by referring to that he rejects the acceptance of the item purchased after the deadline. This period must be at least 2 weeks. If not then an agreement on a new delivery, the customer may withdraw after the expiration of the grace period by a written statement from the contract. Should the buyer in the event of default or impossibility for damages for breach of contract, shall be limited to this case of slight negligence on more than 5% of the purchase price and covers only the replacement of direct damage, so in particular not compensation for lost profits or other consequential damages. Further claims of the buyer - especially on delivery - are excluded.
  3. The risk passes to the customer once the goods to the haulier has been handed over and has left the warehouse. This applies even if LIQUID SPIRIT has taken over the transport costs. Complaints due to damage, the customer immediately to be claimed against the carrier within the designated deadlines. For shipments from the customer to the customer LIQUID SPIRIT carries any risk, in particular the transport risk until the goods arrive at LIQUID SPIRIT in Nicosia.
  4. LIQUID SPIRIT bills are due and payable immediately without any deductions. From the 14th Days after the invoice date of the contract partner of LIQUID SPIRIT to pay default interest at a rate of 5% above the base rate of the European Central Bank (ECB) is committed pursuant to § 1 paragraph 1 of the Cypriot bank rate Reconciliation Act. After removal of the base rate is based on the previously agreed upon contractual default interest that of control means the ECB, which is officially defined according to § 1 paragraph 2 as a reference for Cyprus. The above does not apply if LIQUID SPIRIT higher default interest or the buyer a lower burden of proof SPIRIT LIQUID company, without the need of a reminder. Cheques are only accepted as payment. Any expenses are charged to the customer. Offsetting is permissible only with undisputed or legally established claims court. A lien, the customer can only claim if it is based on the same contract.
  5. Complaints about delivery, material defects, wrong deliveries and quantity variances are as far as they are ascertainable by reasonable investigation without delay, make the latest within two weeks of receiving the goods in writing. The warranty period by LIQUID SPIRIT is six months of receipt. For legitimate claims LIQUID SPIRIT is running after shortages and the rest subject to the exclusion of their choice to exchange the goods, take it back or give the buyer a discount. If in the case of exchanging the goods and the second replacement is defective, the buyer has the right to cancel the contract (rescission) or reduce the purchase price (reduction). The warranty for defects in devices is limited to repairs. If the error can not be eliminated or for the customer further attempts are unacceptable, the customer can request instead of repair at its discretion change or decrease. In other further claims of customers, which are related to a defective or incorrect delivery or breach of contractual obligations for deliveries are excluded, and may indeed be indifferent, based on whatever legal reason, this (for example, tort, positive breach of contract and breach of duties during the contract negotiations). This exclusion does not apply to damage caused by intentional or grossly negligent breach of contract SPIRIT LIQUID or a legal representative or agent. Even in the absence of assured qualities remains untouched entitled to damages for nonperformance.
  6. The warranty period begins with the delivery of the goods. If a deficiency is not corrected, as defined above in a reasonable time by exchange, the buyer can demand either change or decrease. A further guarantee is excluded for technical reasons.
  7. The purchase remains subject to full payment of the purchase price by the customer in the ownership of LIQUID SPIRIT. The retention of title also remains for all claims against the SPIRIT LIQUID purchaser in connection with the purchased goods, for example due to repairs and other services, subsequently acquires. During the period of retention of title to the buyer's ownership and contractual use of the purchased item, provided it meets its obligations from the reservation and its obligations under the business combination meets the deadline. The customer is obligated to provide all LIQUID SPIRIT in pursuit of the agreed framework of rights of retention necessary information.
  8. LIQUID SPIRIT is entitled to collect under the business relationship with the customer's personal data required in accordance with the Data Protection Act to store and process information.
  9. The invalidity of individual terms of this condition shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In place of the ineffective provision, a new provision, which comes in its economic effect of the invalid provision as closely as possible. Of performance and jurisdiction for contracts that were closed, including these terms and conditions, is Nicosia. The law of the Republic of Cyprus.

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